Welcome to Netball Goal Getters


NGG prides itself in teaching young children a healthy and safe way to enjoy sports. Our Vision is to pioneer netball skills development reaching children aged 3-13 at all registered nurseries and pre-primary’s schools in western cape.

NGG is built on the principles of skills and personal development, fun, fitness, balance, happiness, health, confidence commitment and creativity. These principles ensure that every time a NGG participant of graduate steps onto the court they do so confidently safely.


Why Netball Goal Getters?

Netball Goal Getters focusses on introducing basic netball skills combined with interacting with a child’s life skills. We encourage self-confidence, attention span, concentration development and social development. We also pay attention to balancing visual and auditive perceptions.

Our team of teachers not only loves netball and has a passion for children but is equipped with necessary netball coaching levels, umpiring levels and is on the same mission as to give young netballers the tools and confidence to shine from within.


We want to portray a safe environment for any child who wants to, thinks she can or is already equipped to play netball. We are focussed on team work and how a child can perform and help or be helped within NGG’s family. At the end we want to reach fully confident young girls that can’t only help herself but help others as well.


As teachers we will always believe in our netballers, always encourage them to believe in themselves and everything they put their minds to. Failure is an option but not the answer for our netballers. Providing a platform for positive netballers to develop a passion for the game and self confidence in all areas.


  • This programme consists of one 30 min / half an hour lesson per week
  • Lessons are presented at the school by an experienced netball coach
  • A class consists of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 players per session
  • These presentations have in mind to create fun, a positive attitude as well as an energetic experience for every participant
  • In the event of a player missing a lesson for whatever reason, that lesson will unfortunately be forfeited. No funds are refundable
  • One month’s notice is required for a cancellation
  • Netball Goal Getters will be closed during school holidays & public holidays
  • A annual progress report will be furnished
  • Coaching will take place during Jan-Des
  • Enrolment fees are payable with registration
  • In the event of it being impossible for Netball Goal Getters to present the lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled
  • The Netball Goal Getters welcome pack will be prepared for the children.

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    • Thank you so much for all the good work you do for our girls! The only way or day I can get my daughter out of bed is on a Tuesday when she knows she will have netball. Thanks for the awesome work you do! Keep it up!

      Tamsyn Parent
    • Such a feel good picture! You're doing a great job with them. Especially in teaching them about teamwork and the importance thereof! You're awesome

      Geo-Lindy Parent